Bill's Hand and  Foot  Game Quick Start Guide


There are two ways to play the game. FIRST, you can turn AUTO CHECK on, and the game will automatically check to see if the game status has changed. You will be able to play when it is your turn, and you will be able to see the results of what other players did during their turns. SECOND, you can leave the AUTO CHECK off. In this case YOU will need to tap the CHECK ONCE to check for game changes. You will need to do this whenever another player tells you that they have finished their turn.

Tap the AUTO CHECK button. It will be visible at the top of the page when it is not your turn to play. Tapping this button will tell the game to automatically check for game status changes every few seconds. The player who goes first will need to do this after they discard. Players can also tap the ADJUST TIMING button to change timing (3-12 seconds). See DETAILED GAME HELP for additional details about AUTO CHECK.


TURNS CONSIST OF TWO PHASES: Draw Phase and Play Phase


Your turn starts by adding cards to your hand. You either draw from the Draw Pile or you take cards from the Discard Pile.

To Draw cards from the Draw Pile
Tap the DRAW pile at top of screen.
The number of cards that are drawn is set by the Host.

To take cards from the Discard Pile
Your team must already be down in order for you to take the Discard Pile.
The number of cards taken is set by the Host.
A. Tap two or more cards from your Hand that match to top card of the Discard Pile.
B. Tap the Discard Pile.



To Select OR Unselect a card from your Hand to play or discard
Tap the card you want to select or unselect
Selected cards will be slightly elevated to help identify them.

To start a new book
A. Tap the cards from your Hands that you want to use to start the new book
B. Tap the empty Book in the middle of the screen.
Only work on 1 book at a time. When finished starting the first book, you can then start on the next book.

To add to an existing book
A. Tap the cards from your Hands that you want to add to the existing book
B. Tap the Book in the middle of the screen that you want to add cards to.
Only work on 1 book at a time.

To DISCARD a card (which will end your turn)
Tap the card from your Hand (bottom of screen).
Tap the Discard Pile.

If you discover that you have made a mistake or want to play your cards differently, then you simply need to tap the RESET HAND BACK TO BEGINNING OF PLAY button (bottom of screen). This button is only visible when you are playing cards from your hand.



Error Messages
The last line in the Right Hand White box at top of game screen will either be blank or it will contain a message (in red). If something isn't working, check to see if a message is there. Error messages are only visible to the active player. Other players don't see them.

Information Messages
Not all messages are error messages. Some are informational. For example, when your team is going down initially you will see informational messages telling you how many points you still need to play to satisfy the minimum round requirements.


100 point bonus for going out
500 points for each closed natural book (no wild cards)
300 points for each closed polluted book (contains wild cards)

Cards in your hand/foot/tail count against you
Cards in books (closed and open books) count for you
    4, 5, 6, and 7's are worth 5 points each
    8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and Kings are worth 10 points each
    Aces and 2's are worth 20 points each
    Jokers are worth 50 points each
Red threes count 500, 300, or 100 points against you depending on host choice.
     Host also decides if Red threes can be exchanged for new cards or not
Black threes either have no value at all or count 5 points against you, depending on host choice.
Books of Wilds, if enabled by the Host have special bonus/penalty points associated with them. Tap the HOUSE RULES button during a game to see this information. Books of Wilds do not count as either Natural books nor as Polluted books. They are separate.