Bill's Hand and  Foot  Playing Instructions and Rules

Bill's Hand and Foot Card Game: General Playing Instructions and Rules

According to "Hand and Foot is a variation of Canasta that became popular in the United States in the 1950s". You can read the rules for the classic version of the game at their website. This game is a variation of the classic game.

2 or 3 people play as individuals. 4 or 6 people play as either teams of 2 people or 3 people. For simplicity the rest of this document will refer to teams. If playing with 2 or 3 people, then each player is their own team.

The team that has the highest score is the winner.

The game uses multiple sets of standard decks (2's thru Ace's plus Jokers). The number of decks is initially set at 1 more then the number of players.

Each player is dealt two sets of 11 cards each. One of them is their "hand", and the other becomes their "foot". They first play all cards from their hand, then they play all cards from their foot. One card is dealt to the DISCARD PILE. The remaining cards are placed in the DRAW PILE.





HOUSE RULES (Set by Table Host)

Red 3's and Black 3's
Hosts set two options for handling Red 3's.
1) How penalty points are charged for each Red 3 left in your hand/foot/tail when someone goes out. The penalty points subtracted for your score are 100, 300, or 500 points.
2) Whether or not Red 3's may be exchanged for new cards at the start of each player's turn. If allowed, then each Red 3 exchanged earns the team a 100 point bonus.

Hosts choose one of 2 options how how Black 3's are handled:
1) Black 3's have no value. They carry no penalty.
2) Each Black 3 left in your hand/foot/tail when someone goes out carries a 5 point penalty.

Each player takes a turn. A turn has 3 phases:



200 Round