Tally Ho: The Marbles Game

The object of the game is to be the first player (or team) to move all their marbles from their Starting Base to their Home Base, while avoiding being landed upon and sent back to their Starting Base by other players.

Hosts have the option of allowing players to play as teams. In team play once a player has all four marbles in the Home Base they are able to use their turn to move their partner's marbles.


General Rules  

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


At the start of game, all players except the starting player will see a screen with the CHECK ONCE and AUTO CHECK buttons. Tapping the AUTO CHECK button will cause the game to automatically check for changes every few seconds. Players can choose instead to tap the CHECK ONCE button to check for changes - but that is a one time check and will have to be repeated again and again.

The starting player will see these buttons after they complete their turn.

If player encounters problems such as flickering screens, then they might wish to tap the STOP CHECK button, and manually check by tapping the CHECK ONCE button after other players turns.


Rob is the starting player, and gets to roll the dice first. He will need to roll either a "1" or a "6" to bring out one of his marbles.

He will tap the YOUR TURN, TAP TO ROLL DICE button.


Rob rolled a "6". He will now tap one of his marbles, and it will be moved to his "6 Hole Come Out" spot.

Because he rolled a "6", he will get another roll. He needs to tap the YOUR TURN, TAP TO ROLL DICE button.

This time he rolled a "2". He only has one marble that can be moved, so he taps it; and it will be moved 2 spaces ahead.

This brings his turn to an end. The middle status tells him that it is now Bill's turn to play.

He now sees the AUTO CHECK button and will want to tap it.


It is now Bill's turn. He sees the board from his point of view. He will tap the YOUR TURN, TAP TO ROLL DICE button.

Bill rolled a "5". Since he has no marbles out on the shared path, he is unable to do anything; and will have to pass. He will tap the CAN'T MOVE, TAP TO PASS button.

The game will continue. We will skip the next several turns.


The game has continued for a bit. It is Rob's turn again, and this time he rolled a "1".

He can either move the marble that is already on the shared path; or he can bring out another marble from his Start Base.

He will bring out another marble by tapping one of the marbles still remaining in his Start Base.


Rob now has two marbles on the board (shared path is often referred to as the board). It is now Bill's turn, and the game will continue.

The game has moved along. It's Bill's turn, and he just rolled a "4". He will tap his front marble, which will cause it to land on and send Sharol's marble back to her Start Base.

Bill sent Sharol's marble back to it's Home Base.

The game will continue with several moves until someone is ready to move one of their marbles into the Home Base.


The game has continued. It is now Smitty's turn, and he has rolled a "5" which will allow him to move his marble into his Home Base.

He does this by tapping the marble.


Smitty has successfully landed his first marble in his Home Base.

The game continues until someone lands ALL of their marbles in their Home Base.

If playing as individuals, then that person wins the game.

If playing as teams, then the person who landed all their marbles in their Home Base will then be able to move their partner's marbles. First team to successfully land all team members in Home Bases wins the game.