Bill's Lucky Paw Card Game

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Hosts: First log in as Host to set House Rules (game options) and to start new game. Then give players the information they will need to log in. You will then also need to log in as a Player to join the game. Host logins are only used to "set the table up" for play.

Players: Wait until Host tells you game is ready. You will need Host ID, Player ID, and Player Pin to join the game.

How Game Is Played: CLICK HERE to view Game instructions.


Bill's Lucky Paw Card Game
Fun card game played online by 2, 3, 4, or 6 people. Players compete to get the LOW score. Single deck of 52 cards is used. 4 cards are dealt to table as Open Play Stacks. Each player is then dealt 3 cards (to their personal play stacks). In turn each player plays cards from their personal stacks onto one of the 4 Open Play Stacks. The card played must be one higher or lower then the card it is played upon. When no one is able to make a play, then another 3 cards are dealt to each player, being placed left to right on the top of the players stacks. Play continues. Final deal may consist of less then 3 cards. When no one is able to make a play and all cards have been dealt out, then each player's score is increased based on the number of cards remaining in their stacks. Cards are collected and reshuffled, and play begins again. Winner is the player with the lowest score at the end of 9 rounds (or whatever number of rounds had been set by the Host).

Guests always play FREE. Table hosts pay $48 for a full year to host a table. Hosting fee includes access to other games as well. Visit for details.