Bill's Hand and Foot Card Game

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Hosts: First log in as Host to set House Rules (game options) and to start new game. Then give players the information they will need to log in. You will then also need to log in as a Player to join the game. Host logins are only used to "set the table up" for play.

Players: Wait until Host tells you game is ready. You will need Host ID, Player ID, and Player Pin to join the game.

How Game Is Played:
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Bill's Hand Foot and Tail:
Fun card game played online by either 2, 3, 4, or 6 people. 2 or 3 people play 1-on-1. 4 or 6 people play on teams. Table host sets the rules, which include such things as series consisting of any combination of 50, 90, 120, 150, and 200 point rounds, draws of either 2 or 3 cards at a time, choice of zero, 2 or 4 jokers, and decisions of whether the entire team must be playing their final hand in order to go out or not. Game allows building and closing up to 3 books per card rank (4 thru Ace). No need to manually count points - scoring (both individual rounds and series) is automatic. Game includes unique 200 Round consisting of hand, foot, and tail. Draw pile starts with more decks then the number of players. If draw pile runs low a new deck of cards is automatically added.

Guests always play FREE. Table hosts pay $48 for a full year to host a table. Visit for details.