6 Card Golf Game Help

See notes about starting and stopping the Auto Check feature. The notes are at the bottom of this HELP page.

The object of the game is to get the low score. A tournament consists of 1-9 rounds (or "holes"). Each round starts with 6 cards dealt to each player. Depending on Host Table Rules, players may have the option to turn over starting cards. Play then consists of each player (in turn) choosing the top card from the draw pile or the discard pile; and using that card to replace one of their 6 cards (or discarding the draw card if they don't want it). The game continues until one player goes out (has all six cards face up). The remaining players may get one final turn (depending on host option). They then turn up their remaining cards and tally their score.

Table rules set by host. Table host sets options which include such things as how many people are playing, how many cards (if any) are turned over at start of game, whether or not players will compete as individuals or as teams, whether the player who goes out first is "handicapped" with a 5 point penalty for every player that ties or beats them that round (no handicap in team play), whether or not each player gets a final turn after someone goes out, as well as choosing which player goes first. The host also has the option to decide whether two jokers in a column have a zero score (because they match) or a minus 4 points score.

Scoring is based on adding up the values of the cards in each column. Matching cards in a column have a zero score. Remaining cards are scored at face value (Aces: 1 point, 2-9: 2-9 points, Ten: 10 points, Jack: 11 points, Queen: 12 points, King: zero points, and Jokers: minus 2 points). If Team Play has been enabled by host, then team scores will be shown. Otherwise each player's score will be shown.

Team Scramble is more like "best ball" or "best hole" team scoring. Players are divided into two teams (odd vs even player numbers). Each player plays their own cards each round (or "hole"). The team score for that round is the lowest score of it's team members.

Cards running low? Table host chooses whether to have 1 deck of cards per every 2, 3, or 4 players. So there should be plenty of cards, but in the event that the draw pile runs low, the discard pile will be shuffled and added to the draw pile.

Step by step instructions

Each round starts with six cards being dealt to each player. One card is used to start the Discard pile. The rest of the cards become the Draw pile.

Each player picks cards from their hand to turn over. The exact number is set by the Host in the Host Options page. Players tap the cards they want to turn over. Players can only turn over cards when the status message says it is their "turn to pick card to turn over".

The Discard and Draw piles can not be tapped until all players (in turn) have turned over their starting cards.


Sheila tapped the middle card in her top row, and that card (a ten) was turned over. She then tapped the left-most card in her bottom row, and that card (a six) was turned over.

At that point the message would have changed from "Sheila's turn to pick card to turn over" to "Bill's turn to pick card to turn over".

After Bill makes his play Sheila will see what cards Bill has chosen. This process will continue until all players have chosen their starting cards.


Once all players have selected their starting cards then the Round play will start. When it is your turn you pick the top card from either the Discard pile or the Draw pile.

Tap the card you want (Discard pile or Draw pile). In this example Sheila can either choose the Queen from the Discard pile or she can choose the top card from the Draw pile.


The card you tapped will be shown. Sheila chose the top card from the Draw pile which happened to be a King.

Player now decides if they want to replace one of their six cards with the picked card. If they don't want to use the card, then they could tap the DISCARD button and the card will be placed on the Discard pile.

If the player had chosen the top card from the Discard pile then they would NOT have the option to discard it, but would have to replace one of their six cards.

To replace one of their six cards the player simply taps the card they want to replace.

Sheila is going to tap the right-most card in her bottom row. That card will be discarded and the King will replace it.


If player chose to replace one of their six cards then the card (King in this example) would replace the card they chose. The card they replaced would then be placed on the Discard pile and play would pass to the next player.

In this example the card that the King replaced turned out to be a 7.


Play continues. This screenshot shows what the player would see if they had chosen an Ace from the Discard pile. Notice that the DISCARD button is not available. The Ace must be used to replace one of the six cards.

Notice the growing list of cards in the Discard pile. This list is only shown if the Host chose that option. The list tells players how many cards of each rank have been discarded. In this example 2 7's, 2 10's, and 2 Queens have been discarded. Patty would know that there is only 1 more 7 in the Draw pile (or in one of a player's hidden cards), and that her chances of drawing a 7 is now low.


Play continues until someone has turned up all six of their cards. Then each player will have one final turn. In this example, Bill "went out" and Patty and Smitty have each had their final turn. It is now Sheila's turn.

The Host can choose to have play immediately end when someone goes out. In that case, players would not have a final turn.

This example shows what Sheila would see at the start of her final turn.


Sheila did not choose the 6 from the Discard pile but chose the top card of the discard pile. She didn't like it, so she discarded it. Her last card was then turned up, and it turned out to be a Jack.

When all players have had their last turn everyone will be taken to the scoring page.

To continue to the next round in the series each player taps the CONTINUE GAME button.


If all players have not yet seen the scoring page then a message will be displayed showing which players have not yet seen the scoring page.

Players tap the BACK TO SCORING PAGE button to return to the scoring page.


When everyone has seen the scoring page then the scoring page's CONTINUE GAME button will cause the next round to be started.

Players take turns being the first person to play. If Player 1 started the first round, then player 2 would start the 2nd round, and player 3 would start the 3rd round, etc.


There are two ways to play the game.

FIRST, you can turn AUTO CHECK on, and the game will automatically check to see if the game status has changed. You will be able to play when it is your turn, and you will be able to see the results of what other players did during their turns.

SECOND, you can leave the AUTO CHECK off. In this case YOU will need to tap the CHECK ONCE to check for game changes. You will need to do this whenever another player tells you that they have finished their turn.

You can turn the AUTO CHECK feature on (or off) whenever you see the buttons on your screen. The buttons are displayed when it is someone else's turn.

If you have problems scrolling down the screen or viewing information, then tap the STOP CHECK button. When you are finished and ready to resume game, tap the AUTO CHECK button to start the auto check back up, or you can manually check the game status yourself by tapping the CHECK ONCE button periodically.

If you have any problem with AUTO CHECK, try tapping the STOP CHECK button and then tap the AUTO CHECK button again. If that doesn't solve the problem then you will need to either try another browser, or tap the STOP CHECK button, and then periodically tap the CHECK ONCE button whenever other players have finished their turns.

If you notice a problem with your device screen flickering, then you may want to tap the STOP CHECK button and use the CHECK ONCE button as needed. Some device browswers flicker every time the Auto Check runs. Players who notice this problem may prefer to not use the AUTO CHECK feature and only use the CHECK ONCE button whenever the other players have finished their moves.

If you haven't made a play in the last 10 minutes then the game will automatically log you off. You can log back in and you will see the current game status.